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Lakeway Remodeling Co.
(512) 415-3640

Lakeway Remodeling Co.

125 Schooner Dr

Lakeway, TX 78738

(512) 415-3640

Remodeling your home can be most challenging adventures. For you, it’s an opportunity to create the perfect home that not only adds value to your investment, but also create a sense of pleasure. For us, it’s the chance to spin dreams into tangible reality — and we’re eager and excited to share this journey with you.

When you contract our remodeling services, you’re getting far more than the highest quality materials and workmanship. You’re entering into a collaborative partnership where your needs and desires are our primary concern. We understand that we’re modifying your dream home, and we do so with a skill and sensitivity that’s unique among local contrators.

The Lakeway Edge

Our talented architects will translate your vision into an innovative and elegant home; one that reflects your personal taste and suits your needs perfectly. As work is completed by our experienced craftsmen, the plans become real and three-dimensional, with the very finest materials possible.

Each step along the way is marked by rigorous inspections to ensure safety, strength, and functionality. While many of these are completed by an independent inspection company, our crews also perform regular inspections as part of the construction process. These frequent inspections guarantee that your project will not only be beautiful, it will have the structural integrity to last a lifetime.

The Difference is in the Details

Whatever your personal architectural preference, be it Mediterranean, Contemporary, Traditional, or Modern, we have a keen understanding and appreciation for the fine touches that create a truly inspired living space. Should you desire, we have an exceptional interior designers available to assist with decisions regarding room decor.

Lakeway Remodeling Co is a local contractor, family owned business, and as such we’re aware of the pressures that missed deadlines and cost overruns can cause. We are as scrupulous in meeting deadlines as we are in every other aspect of our work. It’s our great pleasure as well to discover ground-breaking ways to keep costs in check without sacrificing the quality you deserve.  Our goal is to surpass all your expectations, and provide you with a home that’s beautiful from the ground up — on time and competitively priced.

With careful attention to every detail and innovative design that meets your needs, we renovate homes the way homes should be built — and we build lasting relationships in the process. Unmatched in quality of construction, elegance of design, and courteous, professional service, Lakeway Remodeling Co stands apart from other Austin’s contractors. We look forward to meeting you, and helping you renovate your dream home.

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